We make the smart connections for you.


Smart Connections PR is an active partner in our clients’ success and we take this role seriously. Our clients don’t get shuffled off to junior associates. Our principals oversee PR campaigns, pitch articles, and position our clients so their stories are front and center, where their customers can see them and their industries can applaud them.

We believe in a personal approach.  To speak on behalf of our clients, we need to know what’s happening with them. We are proud of the fact that we communicate directly with our clients every day – email, phone calls, text messages or instant messaging – whenever they want to reach us, we’re available. Being fluent about what our clients are doing ensures that we’re never out of step with a change in strategic direction, a new product launch, or a crisis situation.




At Smart Connections PR, we leverage our long-standing and extensive media relationships to ensure a company’s messages reach the right audiences: shareholders, stakeholders, customers, employees and the press. It’s our job to make the brand shine, and to familiarize the target market with the company.

Messages should resonate, and draw interest and attention. We work with our clients to develop a road map to deliver the key points and cues needed to shape and refine the ongoing conversations about their companies and their brands. We’ve been crafting traditional public relations campaigns for almost two decades – creating and distributing press releases, tracking conversations about our clients, their industries and their competitors, and ensuring they are positively received and admired.


Every client is unique and every client’s needs are specific.  We take the time to know our client companies, and pinpoint particular strengths and advantages in order to sharpen and focus their reputations and how they are perceived. Our strategies are tailored to each client’s particular business objectives: our start-up firms might need coverage to launch their company and brand, and to deliver key features and benefits to attract customers, while our established clients might wish to sustain and extend their existing marketing messages, or revamp their identities and public persona altogether.  If the need ever arises, we can also help our clients manage crisis communications events.

PR is a team effort and we are with our clients every step of the way. Our media training program helps prepare executives for interviews, cameras, and speeches. Our personalized and hands-on approach ensures that any PR campaign meets specific corporate or marketing goals, and exceeds the client’s singular requirements.


Our CEO Awareness Program was developed to increase the public profile and visibility of our client company presidents and chief executives. We work closely with our CEOs to place them in top-tier trade and national print and broadcast media. They are briefed on relevant subject matter, talking points, and provided with media training to project confidence and cultivation. A well-informed and notable CEO can increase  awareness and bolster a company’s prominence.


Traditional media is no longer enough: being social media-savvy can be critical to managing your company’s brand, connecting you with stakeholders and shareholders, and to controlling your story and message. But where do you start? And how do you measure results?

We provide strategic advisory services to help you build an effective social media program. We work closely with clients to develop and implement a social media strategy, deliver key messages, curate content, and impose discipline to maintain an active and engaged social media presence. Our monitoring services gauge your online successes, and help identify strengths and weaknesses in maintaining a  dynamic social media presence. We provide reports which collate data about your social media program’s visibility, efficacy and impact, and provide you with in-depth analysis and insights to help you leverage the ongoing discussions about your company.


Corporate positioning is a critical factor for companies on the path to being acquired.  We possess deep expertise in developing tactical strategy and messaging to prepare clients for acquisition. We hone the company’s position and branding, refine its image and define how it is perceived in a way that will resonate with potential buyers. The result is a dynamic, well-known company ready for the market.


Our strategic search engine optimization partner works closely with clients to evaluate their websites and make recommendations to implement SEO services so that potential customers making relevant searches for their services will be able to find them in organic search results.  As search engine marketing extends beyond just simple optimization, we will also counsel you, and implement and help manage ongoing paid search engine marketing opportunities, as necessary.


Information is borderless. The instantaneous pace of digital media means that companies need to be current and relevant.  Today we offer full-service public relations in the United Kingdom, France, and the EU. Our European network includes traditional media, journalists, researchers and international analysts, to deliver vital foreign market and competitive intelligence, and to manage international media relations efforts.