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Information is borderless. The instantaneous pace of digital media means that companies need to be current and relevant. Many of our clients have global PR needs and Smart Connections PR offers full-service global public relations services via our partnership with GlobalCom PR. GlobalCom PR is worldwide network of PR agencies including 80 partners across 100 countries to provide our clients with the global reach they need.

Smart Connections is part of the GlobalCom PR Network, a worldwide group of full-service public relations and marketing communications agencies. The network encompasses 80 offices worldwide and serves customers in around 100 countries including Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. GlobalCom PR’s network of agencies represents a new generation of independent agencies with expertise that spans multiple industries and practices.

International coverage, industry-agnostic

GlobalCom PR’s client and market expertise includes industries such as consumer electronics, financial, healthcare, lifestyle, information technology, sustainability, tourism and many more. GlobalCom PR’s clients range from global brands to midsized companies and startups either looking for public relations support in specific regions or planning to extend their reach into international markets.

The network has agencies and specialists spanning the entire world, and as such, it has had the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting, diverse and cutting-edge brands across the globe. GlobalCom’s expertise includes the B2B and B2C tech sectors and reaches beyond technology.

have worked with Joanne and Dina at Smart Connections PR for many years, and am always inspired by their great communication, hands-on and action-based approach to PR. Smart Connections PR is a boutique firm that feels like it’s much larger than it is. The value I have gotten from our relationship is unparalleled. The internal feedback I regularly receive on Joanne’s and Dina’s work is always top notch – they help make me look good and make my job much easier. I highly recommend this experienced B2B PR team to any organization looking for a high impact PR firm that gets things done.

Kirill Kniazev, Marketing Director, Motili

Smart Connections PR produces consistently strong results for our North America PR program. Jo and Dina have served as trusted communications counsel for several years and I’m continually impressed with their creativity, proactiveness, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Smart to any tech startup looking to raise brand awareness and connect with the media, analysts, and influencers who matter.

Jim Crook, Senior Director of Marketing, Ctera

When we launched CloudCasa, our new Kubernetes backup service, Smart Connections PR got us in front of the key industry analysts and media outlets resulting in great initial and continuing coverage. Smart Connections PR continues to get us great thought leadership, quote and award opportunities along with helping us execute on them and providing needed advice to our marketing and executive teams

Mike Miracle, Head of Marketing, Strategy, and Alliances, Catalogic Software

Smart Connections PR was instrumental in getting Bamboo System’s name out there, developing relationships with important reporters and generating a tremendous amount of coverage in a very short period of time. Through their work the company earned a number of prestigious awards, all of which raised our profile substantially

Vicki Grey, CMO, Bamboo Systems

The Smart Connections PR team brought SimpliVity out of stealth mode in 2012. Smart Connections rolled out a PR program with short notice and was able to connect us to the media and analysts we needed to know, and the high-level coverage followed. I appreciate Smart Connections’ efforts in helping make SimpliVity synonymous with the term hyperconverged.

Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO, SimpliVity

Why work with us?

Smart Connections PR’s participation in the GlobalCom PR network brings international resources and connections quickly and effectively for clients that need global reach. Through GlobalCom PR, we can provide strategic thinking, useful advice, and sophisticated communication techniques that will speak for our clients on whatever section of the world stage they need to be heard.

You can learn more about us here and about the GlobalCom PR Network here.

Global PR strategy

Global PR strategy

An effective global PR strategy takes into account the need for more than just being heard in a geography outside of the one in which your business is located. It’s a strategy that understands the unique culture and customs of the audience your company is targeting and then plans for success by taking that diversity into account. Maybe your company will not require a press release distribution in one locale, where it might be a key part of your PR strategy in another. Our global strategy ensures we know how to speak to whatever global audience you have in your sights.

Global PR services

Smart Connections membership in the GlobalCom PR network allows to offer public relations, media relations, social media, analyst and influencer programs writing and thought leadership as well as press release creation and distribution for clients wishing to be introduced to the US marketplace. We have particular experience in launching product and companies into the US and identifying the ideal media to make their presence known.

Global PR services

We create PR campaigns that bring results. Our clients are used to interacting with us in a very personal way, describing their stories, target audiences and preferred media outlets. Then we get to work and get our clients noticed. There’s nothing better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we work with Smart Connections PR?

The team at Smart Connections PR have 20+ years of experience in the PR sector and being a member of the GlobalCom PR network has extended our global reach. The combination of Smart Connections PR’s and GlobalCom PR’s strong media, analyst and influencer relationships translate into followers, mentions, coverage and overall brand awareness.

Why not just find an international PR company on our own?

You absolutely could, but why? Smart Connections PR’s involvement in the GlobalCom PR network means almost instant access to trusted PR services in almost any global locale, with a team that understand the unique needs to gain attention in that space. Our participating network colleagues have expertise that ranges from in the technology sector to retail, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, telecom and mobile, utilities, oil and gas, government and media and more.

What should we expect from a good international PR engagement?

First and foremost, a client should expect results. With access to 80 separate agencies, we have the agency in the locale you need to connect to the media and potential customers there. GlobalCom PR recognizes the various knowledge resources within its network and utilizes them to create and secure opportunities for client companies to communicate their knowledge. As the company builds its profile through the global PR agency in their specific target location, they will see the momentum build.

What are some of the common global PR objectives?

At Smart Connections PR, we help our clients see the bigger picture about themselves. We help our clients see the business benefit in their offerings and present to them options in how to have their story told. We help define the message, the media, influencers and stakeholders our clients want to reach and manage reputation through the mix of communications avenues available. What’s most important is delivering the results in the form of interviews, coverage and otherwise fulfilling client objectives.

What can we expect in terms of pricing?

With GlobalCom PR, pricing is driven by the popularity of influencer with which the clients want to engage, the platform, the industry, the campaign length and other factors. From the agency side, providing the services of research and devising strategy and then measuring and analyzing is largely consistent no matter the nature of the campaign. The biggest factor may be the charges of the influencer and this will range significantly across country and sector.

How to measure success?

In working with GlobalCom PR, results are measured per engagement. On a campaign level, in order to be able to confirm successful results, these are measured and evaluated on the basis of predefined key figures. Selected metrics could be: social clicks, conversions, media mentions, number of followers or brand awareness (in terms of reach). On a strategy level, a campaign should produce the type of results that helps a company achieve its goals: more business, higher visibility, more positive public or sentiment.

Ready to discuss your global communications campaign needs?

    Other services & expertise

    Through our partnerships and collaborators we can develop and implement international public relations and marketing campaigns, spanning various services and industries, not only speaking the local language natively, but engaging with the local audiences using country or region-specific approach whereby the local culture and interests are actively and carefully considered.