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Public Relations for Startups and Scaleups

With almost 50 million startups taking off every year, the competition in the market is intense, and the pressure to demonstrate value is ever-increasing. Generating trust and awareness are the keystones of shaping a brand, and every startup aspires to get to that stage through public relations strategies.

Smart Connections PR is here to anchor your tech startup against uncertainties and help it emerge out of the seas of anonymity. As a reputed startup PR agency, we offer a well-tested set of services that help startups and scaleups navigate the industry media, analysts, and their stakeholders’ needs in order to secure visibility and credibility in the industry.

Media Relations for Startups

Media Relations for Startups

When done right, media coverage helps startups get the word out about their brand and solutions, and forge a reputation for themselves. We work with key journalists, media outlets, and analysts to share compelling stories and narratives to grant your startup the attention it deserves. Whether it is highlighting an achievement or creating a buzz around a product launch—we elevate your offline and online presence. Through curated media coverage, we present your brand in a positive light and create an allure to inspire interest and cement business credibility.

Media Relations

Social Media Management

Social media platforms have been a level-playing field for tech startups to compete with established businesses during outreach, awareness creation, and engagement. With our experts taking charge of your social media accounts, you can expect regular publication of engaging content, value-loaded interactions with audiences, and capitalization of various marketing opportunities. Such concerted efforts will contribute to the overall brand development and consolidation that propels your startup to new heights.

B2B Social Media Services
Social Media Management
Content Development

Content Development

Quality content forms the backbone of effective communication. Whether it is to earn trust or to display domain authority - content takes centerstage throughout the different marketing stages. We know how to craft skilful narratives that resonate with different target audiences and shape public perception. Our expertise in different content formats, be it thought leadership, technical write-ups, social media posts, press releases, advertorials, and more, can help push your scaleup or startup as a brand through storytelling.

Content Development

Brand Positioning for Startups

Building a brand takes consistent and ongoing efforts. Sustaining it is even more intensive. We know what it takes for startups to establish a unique and favorable position in their respective market. Using this as the foundation, we refine your startup's brand positioning strategy by highlighting key differentiators, crafting key messages, and delighting audiences. Such efforts help brands harness a positive image for themselves.

Brand Positioning for Startups

With more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the b2b tech sector, ours is a public relations agency that can shape campaigns according to your unique requirements. Whether you need us for PR and marketing for tech startups or eCommerce store PR, we know how to get you seen, and we are extremely capable of making the right connections.

Case studies

Smart Connections PR produces consistently strong results for our North America PR program. Jo and Dina have served as trusted communications counsel for several years and I’m continually impressed with their creativity, proactiveness, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Smart to any tech startup looking to raise brand awareness and connect with the media, analysts, and influencers who matter.

Jim Crook, Senior Director of Marketing, Ctera

When we launched CloudCasa, our new Kubernetes backup service, Smart Connections PR got us in front of the key industry analysts and media outlets resulting in great initial and continuing coverage. Smart Connections PR continues to get us great thought leadership, quote and award opportunities along with helping us execute on them and providing needed advice to our marketing and executive teams.

Mike Miracle, Head of Marketing, Strategy, and Alliances, Catalogic Software

Smart Connections PR was instrumental in getting Bamboo System’s name out there, developing relationships with important reporters and generating a tremendous amount of coverage in a very short period of time. Through their work the company earned a number of prestigious awards, all of which raised our profile substantially

Vicki Grey, CMO, Bamboo Systems


Smart Connections PR is here to transform startups and scaleups into industry leaders. We empower startups by shaping their public narrative, igniting conversations, and helping them slide into the spotlight. Look beyond becoming the “next big thing,” as we’re here to craft legacies that can stand the test of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you work with Smart Connections PR?

Smart Connections PR is the leading choice for startups seeking high-impact, value-for-money PR solutions. With more than two decades of collective experience, our team of seasoned PR professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in managing public relations. We bring together our collective multi-disciplinary experiences to identify the best strategies to get your startup on the map.

What to expect from our PR services for startups & scalups?

As an established PR for startups and scaleups, services at Smart Connections PR are curated specially to be comprehensive, result-driven, scaleable, and flexible. Here’s what you can truly expect:

  • Personalized PR strategies are devised after a thorough understanding of your brand, organizational goals, and industry.
  • Custom quotes that match your budget and PR goals.
  • Constant communication and involvement throughout the process – from strategy formulation to execution.
  • Continuous support and hand-holding to help you achieve your vision and mission.

What is the estimated timeline until we see results?

The timeline for witnessing the cumulative results of our PR services for startups may vary depending on your specific goals, strategies implemented, and market conditions. While you may see some instant results within the first few months, building a strong, reputable brand takes time. Rest assured, our consistent and ongoing efforts will lend sustainability and continuous growth to your brand.

We’re a startup doing this for the first time. Can you help?

We want to help. Smart Connections PR is agile and as a boutique-sized agency, we’re poised to engage and deliver on a tight timeline, if needed. We pride ourselves on getting up to speed with our clients quickly. We learn who they are, what they do and what they need in terms of PR quickly and efficiently. Do you need a ghost-written article for your CEO’s ongoing column or opinion piece? We’re the agency to speak with to get the article done well and ahead of deadline.

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