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We work with our clients to develop content that delivers the key points and stories needed to shape and refine the ongoing conversations about their companies, products and brands. We’ve been crafting content, press releases, ghost written articles and more for over two decades – ensuring they are positively received. We can meet all of your writing needs - marketing collateral, website content, bylined articles, thought leadership content and technical papers.

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Why Work with Us?

Smart Connections PR has been writing content for its clients for a long time. The principals at the company have over 20 years of experience in interviewing clients, understanding their content needs and crafting pieces that create a narrative about the company or offering that they want the world to see. We look for subject matter experts in our client organizations and work closely with them to extract their stories and value propositions and meaningfully communicate these messages to the world.

At Smart Connections PR, we leverage our long-standing and extensive media relationships to ensure a company’s messages reach the right audiences: shareholders, stakeholders, customers, employees and the press. It’s our job to make a brand shine and to familiarize the target market with our client companies. Right now, we’re regularly published in leading business and tech publications that you read every day.

Digital and print content

Digital and print content

Smart Connections PR can craft articles of any length, as well as social media content, blog posts, newsletters, quotes for informed comment and more. Talk to us about your content needs and we’ll craft a strategy, writing initiative and placement campaign to share the news that is professional and likely much less expensive than what you’ve paid for such services in the past.

Proactive and efficient writers

We are agile and sized properly to be able to pivot and deliver on short notice. Most writing projects involve research, interviews, content creation, editing, additional input and time. All of these elements are important factors in creating meaningful campaigns and article, but at Smart Connections PR we pride ourselves on getting the job done quickly. Do you need a ghost-written article for your CEO’s ongoing column? We’re the agency to speak with to get the article done well and ahead of deadline.

Proactive and efficient writers

When we launched CloudCasa, our new Kubernetes backup service, Smart Connections PR got us in front of the key industry analysts and media outlets resulting in great initial and continuing coverage. Smart Connections PR continues to get us great thought leadership, quote and award opportunities along with helping us execute on them and providing needed advice to our marketing and executive teams

Mike Miracle, Head of Marketing, Strategy, and Alliances, Catalogic Software

Smart Connections PR was instrumental in getting Bamboo Systems' name out there, developing relationships with important reporters and generating a tremendous amount of coverage in a very short period of time. Through their work the company earned a number of prestigious awards, all of which raised our profile substantially

Vicki Grey, CMO, Bamboo Systems

We have been working with Smart Connections for just over a year and I could not be more impressed with the level of service and expertise that Jo, Dina and their team have provided. We operate a growing cloud technology business internationally and when looking for ways to up our brand recognition and differentiate ourselves in the market, we were referred to Smart. The team is truly an extension of my own marketing and communications group, seamlessly integrating with and supporting our organization at all levels to help us achieve our goals. We have increased our share of voice in the market and more than 10x our media placements and interviews over the past year.

Christine Brunelli, VP, Marketing, Virtuozzo

I have worked with Joanne and Dina at Smart Connections PR for many years, and am always inspired by their great communication, hands-on and action-based approach to PR. Smart Connections PR is a boutique firm that feels like it’s much larger than it is. The value I have gotten from our relationship is unparalleled. The internal feedback I regularly receive on Joanne’s and Dina’s work is always top notch – they help make me look good and make my job much easier. I highly recommend this experienced B2B PR team to any organization looking for a high impact PR firm that gets things done

Kirill Kniazev, Marketing Director, Motili

The Smart Connections PR team brought SimpliVity out of stealth mode in 2012. Smart Connections rolled out a PR program with short notice and was able to connect us to the media and analysts we needed to know, and the high-level coverage followed. I appreciate Smart Connections’ efforts in helping make SimpliVity synonymous with the term hyperconverged.

Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO, SimpliVity

Content creation services and content strategy

Content creation and thought leadership are critical components of any PR program today and Smart Connections PR has great success in showcasing our clients as thought leaders in their respective fields. We introduce them to influencers in their sector, place bylined articles in targeted media outlets and position them as speakers at leading industry events.

It begins with creating an informed commentary campaign highlighting our client’s expertise, building out specific themes and topics to be pitched to high-level business and trade outlets. What sets us apart is our daily outreach to journalists and influencers positioning executives for informed commentary.

An effective content creation strategy utilizes a variety of methods of communication and actions to attract attention from relevant reporters and influencers. Employing effective content creation tactics brings media coverage, brand credibility, and stronger relationships, the media and current as well as potential customers/stakeholders.

At Smart Connections PR, we work with our clients to proactively create stories that resonate with their target media and influencers while ensuring they are prepared to react to any relevant news or changing milestone related to their success. We work with our clients to ensure that we define expectations for measurement and success at the start of any program including social shares, earned media coverage and share-of-voice relative to competitors over a period of time.


We create PR campaigns that bring results. Our clients are used to interacting with us in a very personal way, describing their stories, target audiences and preferred media outlets. Then we get to work and get our clients noticed. There’s nothing better.


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies Smart Connections as the right content agency?

The team at Smart Connections PR have over 20 years of experience in the PR sector. We have lived through the transitions and consolidations in the industry and understand how to create effective PR campaigns. The team has extensive experience in curating thought leadership and content creation which ensure our clients are known and their messages are seen in this competitive marketplace.

What are some general principles of good content creation?

Good content creation takes into account who the client is. Are they a tech disruptor or a business that supplies to leading clothing designers? The answer to that question forms the basis for approach in creating content and developing thought leadership pieces.


Arguably, content needs to initially engage its audience. If an article is interesting to read or talks about a typical subject in a novel way, it will likely keep the audience’s attention.  Content also needs to educate. A reader should walk away from reading a piece having learned something new or interesting. It should also be relevant and pertain to something important to your client or address a topic import to the client’s target audience. And finally, SEO is important today.  An article with intelligently placed keywords will help any content be seen.

What does effective content creation do?

Content attributed to your brand can be witty or irreverent, but at the end of the day, it also must be true. The temptation may be there to say a product is further along in R&D than it actually is, but honesty is always the best policy. A brands word is its bond to its target audiences and current and potential customers.

We always advise our clients to be consistent, too.  Both in content as well as the sharing of it.  If you have a social media campaign that includes daily shares, ensure you are popping up in the social media feed of your prospects every day. Inconsistency breeds questions – “are they ok?” “do they have enough staff to share on social?”

How is pricing determined?

Smart Connections PR’s content creation objectives are focused on getting the job done – not on how long it took us to get there, or how much time we need to bill you. We don’t believe in billing hourly rates. It’s a counter-productive process and prevents us from doing what you hired us to do: increase your company’s visibility, position your brand against competitors, and present your executives as thought leaders. The Smart Connections PR team can create content for clients on a retainer, as part of bigger PR campaign or on a project basis.

How to measure results for content strategy?

There are a variety of means of quantifying the impact of content creation and placement. Inherent in thought leadership and content creation is the time spent researching and writing.  This is in addition to the more typical ways of results measurement that include benchmarking ‘share of voice’ versus the competition, website traffic and conversion rates, and backlinks from online publications.

Smart Connections PR works with its clients to find the most effective way to measure success for them.  We offer several forms of reporting that provide insight into coverage, sentiment and ad equivalency, in some cases. The meaning of success is different for everyone and Smart Connections PR works to provide the most meaningful measure of increased visibility.

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