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Being an effective spokesperson for your company, brand, or association takes skill, and doesn’t come naturally for many. Those not properly media trained can often miss out on delivering key messages because they don’t know how to navigate difficult questions or simply can’t organically speak to various message points without being prompted. And media training skills extend far beyond spokesperson responsibilities.

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How Media Training Works

Smart Connections PR’s comprehensive media training teaches top corporate executives, spokespersons, and media representatives to successfully deliver key messages to national, regional, and local broadcast media, along with various online and internal presentations. Prior to training, we work with corporate and internal teams to craft messaging and sample questions to be used throughout the sessions. Media training for television is conducted either at a corporate office, broadcast production studio, or virtually.

Overcoming anxiety, showing positive body language, and understanding your audience are all great tools for webinars and live-streaming events, which are taking place more than ever before. Regardless of your role as the go-to representative inside your organization, media training skills will provide the confidence needed to be extremely effective.

Face to face training

Face to face training

For non-virtual training, we simulate actual television interviews, providing training for both a remote interview or an in-person interview where a reporter comes to your location. We work with spokespersons on how to pivot when asked about irrelevant topics or questions outside the scope of the interview, along with best practices for conducting broadcast interviews, effective message delivery, ideal length of answers, and attire recommendations. Alongside professional television crews, mock interviews are conducted with television cameras, pro lighting, lapel (lav) microphones, and earpieces. We can record both interviews and provide playback for instant critiques.

Virtual training

Today, more and more interviews are conducted virtually via Zoom, Skype, or an alternate digital platform. Our team works with spokespersons on what makes a professional (or virtual) background, lighting from a home office, framing of the shot, the importance of a strong and secure internet connection, along with all media training best practices mentioned above. To simulate actual television and satellite interviews, we do recommend that training is conducted in a non-virtual format.

Virtual training

What You'll Learn

  • The role as the interviewee
  • The role of the host, reporter, or writer
  • What a message is and how to incorporate a message into an answer
  • How to handle tough questions
  • Nonverbal communications
  • How to take control of an interview
  • How to incorporate stories and examples into an interview
  • How to approach phone, radio, in-person and on-camera interviews
  • Basic television terminology
  • Attire suggestions


We have been working with Smart Connections for just over a year and I could not be more impressed with the level of service and expertise that Jo, Dina and their team have provided. We operate a growing cloud technology business internationally and when looking for ways to up our brand recognition and differentiate ourselves in the market, we were referred to Smart. The team is truly an extension of my own marketing and communications group, seamlessly integrating with and supporting our organization at all levels to help us achieve our goals. We have increased our share of voice in the market and more than 10x our media placements and interviews over the past year. - January 2024

Christine Brunelli, VP, Marketing, Virtuozzo

CTERA has been working with Smart Connections PR for many years and I have had the pleasure of working with Jo and Dina for the last few. They are now responsible for our global PR strategy and are constantly providing us with opportunities to participate in contributed articles, supporting our product news, and identifying and helping us win many industry awards. They know CTERA and they know our industry and the key players and that makes it very easy to work with them to help promote our brand worldwide. They are very organized and maintain a comprehensive PR plan that we review and manage regularly. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. - January 2024

Mike Ivanov, CTERA, Sr. Director, Global Marketing

The Smart Connections PR team brought SimpliVity out of stealth mode in 2012. Smart Connections rolled out a PR program with short notice and was able to connect us to the media and analysts we needed to know, and the high-level coverage followed. I appreciate Smart Connections’ efforts in helping make SimpliVity synonymous with the term hyperconverged.

Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO, SimpliVity

I have worked with Joanne and Dina at Smart Connections PR for many years, and am always inspired by their great communication, hands-on and action-based approach to PR. Smart Connections PR is a boutique firm that feels like it’s much larger than it is. The value I have gotten from our relationship is unparalleled. The internal feedback I regularly receive on Joanne’s and Dina’s work is always top notch – they help make me look good and make my job much easier. I highly recommend this experienced B2B PR team to any organization looking for a high impact PR firm that gets things done

Kirill Kniazev, Marketing Director, Motili

Smart Connections PR’s media training team, with more than 20-years of broadcast television experience, uses a customized, results-driven approach that has helped guide some of the most well-known brands and corporations in America.

These professionally trained spokespersons have delivered successful messages on national and international television and cable networks, local affiliate television stations throughout the U.S., leading online publications, and internally at corporate conferences, webinars, and virtual presentations.


At Smart Communications PR, we leverage years of expertise in honing effective communication skills. Executives must shine in media interviews — their narratives shape the public perception. Our immersive training ensures confidence and articulation, vital for impactful interactions in today's dynamic media landscape.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Smart Connections PR the Right Choice for Media Training?

With more than 20-years of broadcast television experience at the local and national level, along with 10-plus years as a lead trainer for some of the world’s largest brands, our in-house media trainer has prepared spokespersons to deliver key messages to national and international audiences in both broadcast and digital, along with representatives appearing before Congress. Having your spokesperson trained by a former on-air broadcast professional provides the advantage needed to represent your company, brand, or association with polish and credibility.

How long it takes a person to gain sufficient confidence to speak with the media?

That depends on what the spokesperson is being trained to do. If training is for specific messaging, typically, a 2–3-hour session provides the necessary skills. However, broader training and multiple sessions may be needed for those who will be representing their organization on an ongoing basis. Those with prior training or with a media background tend to adapt to training quickly.

Do you cater for all levels of experience?

Yes. Our comprehensive training begins with the basics, offering an incremental approach that’s in real time. One benefit of recording the sessions with professional TV production crews is the instant feedback it provides for improvement. Media training has been successfully conducted with everyone from novice spokespersons to company CEOs.

How is pricing determined?

There are several factors when determining pricing. Is the training virtual, at a corporate location, or a television production facility? How long are the sessions? Is the training for an individual or a group? Give us a call. We’re more than happy to provide details and happy to work within most budgets.

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