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We see analyst relations as a critical activity for any public relations program. Reaching key influencers in your market sector will be an important component of your overall PR program. Smart Connections PR will connect you with the relevant analysts and influencers in your market sector and help to develop these relationships. Smart Connections PR’s deep relationships with name brand analyst firms keep our clients top of mind, ensure inclusion in important industry reports and provide analyst expertise, reaction and opinion to be used in the PR program as informed comment for press materials or as a media source.

An effective analyst engagement informs, educates and develops long-term value Tell us about your project

We have relationships with leading research houses

Smart Connections PR has mature relationships with the leading, name brand research and analyst firms that media turn to for third-party opinions and endorsements. Our analyst and influencer engagement programs are laser-focused on our clients’ markets and their customer communities. These relationships help brands succeed in sometimes crowded marketplaces.

It is vital that industry analysts are well-informed of your company strategy, products, services and roadmap. Briefings with the industry analysts are an ongoing relationship to ensure analyst are aware of your corporate evolution and buy-in. An effective analyst/influencer engagement informs, educates and develops long-term value for our clients.

Smart Connections PR can grow your company’s analyst/influencer engagement relationships. We have long-standing relationships with name-brand research firms and identify and schedule briefings with the analysts in our clients’ spaces – all while ensuring our clients utilize their time on an analyst’s calendar wisely. Analysts and influencers have direct contact with our clients’ potential customers, and we ensure that awareness of your brand is the takeaway after every briefing.

How we do it

How we do it

Smart Connections PR takes into consideration the audiences that are interested in what our clients do, and determines which analyst and influencers need to hear their stories and product offerings. Smart Connections PR is here to connect you with influencers in your industry and shine a light on a brand’s expertise and offerings.

Analyst engagement - how we can help you

Our analyst and influencer engagement programs connect our clients to industry analysts and influencers covering your market sector. Their objective points of view provide the third person validation needed for our clients’ business strategies, to support sales and promote inclusion in evaluation reports. Analyst and influencer relations help our clients build credibility.

Analyst engagement - how we can help you

I have worked with Joanne and Dina at Smart Connections PR for many years, and am always inspired by their great communication, hands-on and action-based approach to PR. Smart Connections PR is a boutique firm that feels like it’s much larger than it is. The value I have gotten from our relationship is unparalleled. The internal feedback I regularly receive on Joanne’s and Dina’s work is always top notch – they help make me look good and make my job much easier. I highly recommend this experienced B2B PR team to any organization looking for a high impact PR firm that gets things done.

Kirill Kniazev, Marketing Director, Motili

Smart Connections PR produces consistently strong results for our North America PR program. Jo and Dina have served as trusted communications counsel for several years and I’m continually impressed with their creativity, proactiveness, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Smart to any tech startup looking to raise brand awareness and connect with the media, analysts, and influencers who matter.

Jim Crook, Senior Director of Marketing, Ctera

When we launched CloudCasa, our new Kubernetes backup service, Smart Connections PR got us in front of the key industry analysts and media outlets resulting in great initial and continuing coverage. Smart Connections PR continues to get us great thought leadership, quote and award opportunities along with helping us execute on them and providing needed advice to our marketing and executive teams

Mike Miracle, Head of Marketing, Strategy, and Alliances, Catalogic Software

Smart Connections PR was instrumental in getting Bamboo System’s name out there, developing relationships with important reporters and generating a tremendous amount of coverage in a very short period of time. Through their work the company earned a number of prestigious awards, all of which raised our profile substantially

Vicki Grey, CMO, Bamboo Systems

The Smart Connections PR team brought SimpliVity out of stealth mode in 2012. Smart Connections rolled out a PR program with short notice and was able to connect us to the media and analysts we needed to know, and the high-level coverage followed. I appreciate Smart Connections’ efforts in helping make SimpliVity synonymous with the term hyperconverged.

Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO, SimpliVity

What is analyst engagement strategy?

An effective analyst/influencer engagement strategy engages relevant reporters and influencers and generates brand awareness. Employing effective analyst/influencer engagement tactics brings brand credibility, and stronger relationships with current and potential customers and stakeholders.

At Smart Connections PR, we work with our clients to proactively create stories, ensuring they are timely, authentic and that they relate to their target audiences.

Our analyst & influencer engagement services include profile creation and branding, content creation, placement, and management, outreach to relevant audiences, recommendations on preferred platforms, and community management.  We consistently monitor channels to ensure your messages are reaching their intended targets.

Truly understanding the role that analyst engagement plays in an overall public relations campaign is one of our specialties.


We know the key analysts in the world's leading research groups. We know the boutique players, too and connect our clients for advice and third party validation. A good analyst relations program provides marketplace name recognition and uplevels corporate reputation every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies Smart Connections PR as the right agency?

The team at Smart Connections PR have over 20 years of experience in connecting our clients to the relevant analysts and influencers in their spaces. We have long standing relationships with the leading analyst firms and can oversee these relationships to ensure your products and service are evaluated and seen in their best light by their target audiences.

What are some analyst/influencer engagement rules to consider?

There is a cadence to reaching out to the analyst and influencer communities. Establishing a relationship and acquainting analysts with a client’s value proposition is what we do best.  At Smart Connections PR, we take the time to cultivate a relationship in order to produce results for our clients.

What to expect in terms of pricing?

Smart Connections PR’s analyst engagement objectives are focused on getting the job done – not on how long it took us to get there, or how much time we need to bill you. We don’t believe in billing hourly rates. It’s a counter-productive process and prevents us from doing what you hired us to do: increase your company’s visibility, position your brand against competitors, and present your executives as thought leaders. Analyst/influencer relations are typically included in our retainer PR programs.

What are some general principles of good influencer analyst engagement?

It is important to reach the correct analysts and at Smart Connections PR, we ensure we connect our clients with the analysts that cover their market sectors. We advise our clients to share as much as they can about company roadmap, products and services to educate the analyst and we do the leg work to keep our clients top of mind with the top research firms.

What is the best way to measure results?

We typically say that Smart Connections PR works with its clients to find the most effective way to measure success for them.  In the case of analyst and influencer relations, we measure that in the ability to easily connect our clients to their relevant analyst communities and keep relationships strong with ongoing discussions that can result in inclusion in industry reports and events.

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