Media Training: How to be successful

Media Training: How to be successful

Your PR rep has just secured a great interview with a national cable show. The booking producer was pitched on the latest messaging about your company’s new electric vehicle and how it will revolutionize the industry. Your message points are so memorized you can rattle them off in your sleep. Here comes your segment. The red light is on. You’re introduced to a national and international viewing audience in the millions. The home office is ready to pop the champagne. This is BIG!

And then it happens.

The host doesn’t ask you one question about the vehicle and how it will revolutionize the industry. Instead, they want to talk about how electric vehicles are sitting on dealer’s lots throughout America unsold. How there are not enough charging stations. Why Washington has allocated billions of dollars for EV chargers, yet none have been built.

You fumble through your answers. You get through the segment. You’re an EV automobile subject-matter expert based on your title and bio. That’s why you’ve been booked.

But not one question was asked about your messaging.

NEWS FLASH! The host is not obligated to ask you ANYTHING about your messaging. And this is true with every single media outlet – from a national news program to the local paper.

This is why being media trained is crucial to the success of your organization. Those who’ve been media trained know it. Regardless of the questions asked during a segment, having the proper skills to pivot into messaging makes all the difference between success and failure.

For this company spokesperson, it was a missed opportunity.

Don’t let it be yours.

Smart Connections PR offers media training for individuals and groups, led by a team with more than 20-years of broadcast experience. Some of America’s most recognizable brands, companies and associations have benefited from our proven media training method and track record of success. Give us a call.