Case Studies


Helping KALEAO obtain an intensive trade and business coverage media push as it emerged from stealth mode in the fall of 2016.


KALEAO’s “aha” moment was KMAX, a hyperconverged integrated software and hardware platform. Compact and low power it provides all of the benefits of today’s hyperconverged offerings but is compatible with the open source Linux-based software ecosystem available for the ARM platforms.

KALEAO hired Smart Connections PR (“SCPR”) after seeing the SCPR’s print media results for a client launch. KALEAO wanted an intensive trade and business coverage media push as it emerged from stealth mode in the fall of 2016.


Smart Connections PR began our program with in-depth discussions about client messaging and technology media targets. KALEAO planned to debut the company and its KMAX offering at IP Expo Europe. The launch was to be preceded by a press release announcing the company’s emergence from stealth mode. We began the campaign with an aggressive plan to pre-brief industry analysts in the US market to provide insight into the company, its product and future US strategy. Thirteen briefings were scheduled including targets such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester Research, 451 Group, Wikibon, SSG-NOW, Evaluator Group and Enterprise Strategy Group. These briefings allowed the team to receive feedback on their launch and align their messaging accordingly.

Concurrently, Smart Connections PR contacted targeted media and scheduled two weeks of pre-briefings leading up to launch date. Interviews were scheduled with eWeek, CRN, The Register,, SiliconAngle, TechTarget, The Next Platform, IT Business Edge, NetworkWorld, Virtualization Review, and vertical trade media. Smart Connections PR also utilized KALEAO’s customers for targeted media interviews resulting in quality, in-depth coverage in publications such as TechTarget.


Fifteen pieces of stand-alone coverage and press release pick-up were attained the day of and the week following the company’s launch, with coverage continuing for several weeks thereafter. A synopsis of the results is as follows:

Media Coverage
15 pieces of standalone, focused coverage with top key messages incorporated, 10 reporters briefed.
Analyst Briefings
Target was 9 briefings, completed 13. Gartner, IDC, high-level firms briefed. Success rate of over 100%.
Success Rate
Quotes, media briefings, standalone reports and media articles
Quality of coverage was excellent with articles focusing on only KALEAO and KMAX. Coverage was received in business and trade media. Key media relations were established
In-depth articles looking into how KALEAO will play in the HCI space
Articles focused on news but also included analysis and discussions on trends